My name is Erick F Schat and I am a Baker & Businessman.

I was born and raised in Bishop, CA. Since I was a kid I would find every conceivable excuse to sneak to the bakery and try to make a product that had not been made there. Often I would sneak into the trunk or Back seat of my dads car while he was home for lunch. I was quickly given a job by my father to grease pans and wash dishes. Apparently that's the first step in becoming a legit baker. I guess his thought process was that no matter your position you know where everything goes and how much work goes into sanitation. However, the best education I got was simply following my father around and observing him conduct his ever-growing business. From figuring out what the next big hit product would be to trying to get an oven up and running to introducing the latest equipment to create all those products you love. 

When I was in High school I started helping my mom as she had just acquired the Mammoth Bakery from my father via Divorce who had purchased it from my brother Paul.

 Later I  moved to Portland, OR to Study Business and Economics while taking every baking class that was offered in the Area while working at some amazing bakeries. Some really wonderful bakeries in the Greater Portland Area. After I graduated I decided to move to Canada and work with my cousin Piet Schat who just moved from the Netherlands. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn all the traditional Dutch baked goods and seeing how my family lived for generations in the Old country. 

After that, I came back and helped my mother for many years with the Mammoth Lakes bakery and in the meantime took literally every class available at SFBI.

My father (Erick R Schat) SR. owns and operates Erick Schats bakery in Bishop and my mother owns and operates the Mammoth Bakery. My father was about 15 when he and his family moved from the Netherlands, He is from the town called Utrecht.

Links below to all my family's bakeries here in the USA.

So with that said that is where I have developed a clear path on how I want to make my business a little different and in my opinion a step up. I would like to tell you all that I plan on putting a few bakeries in LA and Orange County. However I plan on revolutionizing the way bakeries are done. Not ready to give that away yet.

1. I believe everything should be made fresh daily.

2. Baked goods should be made fresh consistently throughout the day. 

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